Sterling Asset major sponsor of the annual Marlin Tourney

Sterling Asset Management is a major sponsor of the 59th Annual International Marlin Tournament currently taking place at the Old Marina in Port Antonio, Portland. The tournament which started on Wednesday will end tomorrow.

Since its inception in 2001, Sterling Asset has been committed to being part of the occasions that teach sportsmanship. The annual tournament has been on the organization’s calendar for several years alongside its annual charity golf tournament.


Toni-Ann Neita-Elliott, Sterling Asset’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said, “We are committed to nation building and supporting the spirit of sport in our communities while inspiring them to invest in creation of generational wealth. This annual event is an important part of that.

An avid sportsman and keen fisherman, Charles Ross, Chairman and CEO of Sterling Asset Management, added, “We are dedicated to the annual demonstration of sportsmanship. Fishing is a fantastic metaphor for life. Get ready, bait your line and wait. It teaches you to be patient and to be ready to face all the obstacles that life may present. We use the catch and release technique, but we still need to have the strength to pull this marlin.

According to the tournament’s official website, their motto is “A released, alive, and tagged marlin is worth far more to the Jamaican tourist product than a dead, eaten marlin!”

The Blue Marlin has been recorded up to 500 pounds and over 14 feet in length.

Event organizer Max Rochester is dedicated to protecting the environment at sea. He supports the catch and release technique and says: “We believe very strongly in this very popular international sport. as a tourism enhancing product and we also strongly believe in the total preservation of the entire marine environment around Jamaica.”

Rochester said Port Antonio is the annual venue for the annual event because the area is known to have the best deep-sea fishing conditions in Jamaica, next to Montego Bay.

Of the ten exhibit yachts taking part in the proceedings, underwritten by Sterling Asset Management as major sponsor, major bragging rights are expected to go to the crew of the yacht Still Keeping It Jiggy. Over the past three years, they have reigned victorious over five years of fierce competition. Anglers are up for prizes of US$100,000 as well as various section prizes.

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