The AAPEX student sponsorship program supports new talents

October 26, 2022—The AAPEX Student Sponsorship Program provides students with complementary experience by attending the show.

According to a press release, AAPEX launched this program in June 2022. The main sponsors of the program are Denso and Delphi Technologies/BorgWarner. Both are exhibiting at AAPEX this year.

The program is scheduled to take place on the Tuesday and Wednesday of AAPEX next week in Las Vegas. Students will attend the main session and tour the mobile TechForce STEM career center located at the repair shop headquarters. These students will also visit exhibitors, participate in training sessions and attend OAC Global and YANG receptions.

During the morning of Wednesday, the students will meet their exhibitor sponsor to discover the company. They will attend an additional training session during the afternoon.

The goal of this program is to help grow and retain the industry’s talent pool. Sponsored students this year are enrolled in maintenance and repair, engineering, and business programs in California, Michigan, and Illinois.

TechForce is bringing over 45 students to the event this year. AAPEX works with Northwood University, Aftermarket Foundation University, and other programs like the “Give Me 10” internship program to help the aftermarket reach a younger generation.


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