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The Denim Drive sponsorship and entry deadline is Friday, October 21

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Miss Reno Rodeo with an adopted child

RENO, Nevada (October 13, 2022) – The Reno Rodeo Foundation’s annual denim drive returns November 14 through December 31 for its 17th year of collecting monetary and clothing donations from 14 northern Nevada counties to support infants and toddlers. abused and neglected children and adolescents who have been rescued from unsanitary homes.

Supporting businesses have until October 21 to register as a Denim Drive 2022 collection location sponsor or partner. Companies can register to have clothing collection bins placed on their site or they can collect cash donations with Denim Drive’s “Donate a Dollar for Denim” pouches.

According to Reno Rodeo Foundation Executive Director Clara Andriola, cash donations have the greatest impact because they allow the organization and its partners to buy exactly what they need when they need it.

“The COVID 2020 pandemic has presented great challenges, but it has also presented new opportunities,” Andriola said. “With shelter-in-place orders and social distancing, we needed to adapt how we distributed items. Now, our social workers are using Reno Rodeo Foundation shopping cards to purchase new clothing and hygiene items to meet the immediate needs of our Denim Drive kids.

These funds enable the Reno Rodeo Foundation and its partners to provide round-the-clock support and tailor each donation to ensure it is perfect for each child.

“Our social workers and social workers tell us that letting these children choose their own clothes has a huge impact on their well-being,” Andriola said. “It builds their confidence, makes them feel loved and allows them to express their own individual style. It’s more than fulfilling a basic need – it helps them fit in and feel normal at a time when everything they know and have has been taken from them.

For more information about Denim Drive or the Reno Rodeo Foundation, visit RenoRodeoFoundation.org or call 775-322-9875.

About the Reno Rodeo Foundation

The Reno Rodeo Foundation was incorporated in 1986 and is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Nevada. In addition to the annual Denim Drive which helps clothe neglected and abused foster children 365 days a year, the organization provides scholarships to eligible high school graduates in Northern Nevada, including supporting education for youth in foster care, funds a Reno Rodeo Wish for a child, provides funding to purchase new books to comfort children in Denim Drive who are facing family court proceedings, establish community partnerships and serve as an anchor for major capital projects aimed at improving the lives of children. Like Reno Rodeo Foundation on Facebookfollow us on Twitter or for more information, visit RenoRodeoFoundation.org.

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