The nurse with one goal: to take care of others

THE Evening Mail works in conjunction with St Mary’s Hospice for their Sponsor a Nurse campaign which highlights the work done by their staff.

While her classmates dreamed of the salaries and opportunities offered by some of our county’s biggest employers, a young Hannah Scarr had one goal: to care for people.

And, at just 22, she is already off to a good start in her career, having recently completed her Level Three in Healthcare Support — a first step on the path to a career in nursing.

“When I was in school most people wanted to try to get into Sellafield or BAE, but I always wanted to be involved in nursing.

“I don’t remember when it started, it was always what I wanted to do.

“I love my job, I love going to work every day. I don’t think many people can say that.

The Hospice provides eight inpatient beds and welcomes around 400 people to their homes each year, across Furness and South Lakes.

And eight out of ten patients they care for have their care paid for by donations, with the government providing only a fraction of the money needed to keep services running year-round.

Hannah, from Millom, joined St Mary’s Hospice three years ago – and having only started to learn the job, was thrust into another world when the Covid pandemic hit.

“My training was supposed to be 18 months, but because of Covid the assessors couldn’t come and assess you, and we were so busy looking after people that we didn’t have time to find a way around this first.

“I think the whole world had to change and adapt to things that maybe hadn’t been thought of, so it was fine – the priority was always the patients and making sure we could take care of them. ”

With assessment issues ironed out, Hannah was proud to have recently graduated and immediately set her sights on the next step – an associate nursing course.

She said: “One of the best things about working here is that you are supported, both in terms of training and career advancement, but also with more experienced colleagues who will look after you and teach you. things all the time.

“It’s a great team to be a part of.”

Her favorite part of the job is the personal care she is able to provide. As a nursing assistant, she works both in the hospitalization unit and for the home palliative care service.

Hannah said: “It’s the little things that make people feel like themselves, the things that might not be on a wish list but never go unnoticed.

“Someone who gets their hair done or their nails done well, helping them feel like themselves.

“We can’t change the result, nobody can, but what we are capable of doing is removing the edges.

“So the path is a bit clearer and the journey is a bit more comfortable.”

You can support St Mary’s by signing up to make a regular, affordable donation, through their ‘Sponsor-a-Nurse’ scheme.

Visit www.stmaryshospice.org.uk.

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