The Sponsor License: How can UK businesses comply with Home Office rules?

Sponsor License Compliance and Duties

This article details the duties and commitments of an organization managing the UK Home Office sponsor license.

A sponsor license allows organizations, companies and businesses to employ labor outside the UK. In fact, this license is now in high demand due to the labor shortage created by Brexit. Additionally, there is a whole host of duties that an organization must follow in order to comply with the head office rules.

What are the obligations of sponsors?

Sponsor duties will include the following. First, you must keep head office up to date and aware of any changes in the employee’s situation. This is not limited to changes in their job such as increase or decrease in duties, changes in salary or working hours. However, additional changes, for example, in the address as well as updated passport details are relevant. The sponsor will also be required to report, update and complete all employee credentials.

In addition, sponsors will need to ensure that these commitments are met in order to retain their license. Therefore, if these compliance obligations are not met, it could lead to various penalties and even revocation of the license.

Where can I find more details?

You can find more details on the exact compliance obligations HERE:


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