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Town of Olds sponsors concerts for schoolchildren

Olds City Council has voted to provide $1,000 sponsorship to help defray costs for school children to attend the 2022-23 Olds Kiwanis Concert Series

OLD — The city council voted to provide sponsorship of $1,000 to help defray the costs of concerts for schoolchildren, as part of the 2022-23 Olds Kiwanis Concert Series.

The Board made the decision at its Sept. 26 meeting at the request of Olds Kiwanis Performing Arts Society President Rita Thompson.

In a letter to the city’s community services department, Thompson noted that plans are for three outreach concerts to be held this season at Olds Elementary School, Deer Meadow School and Holy Trinity School.

She noted that outreach concerts have been presented in the past.

“The concerts we present are enjoyed by the students and we have the full cooperation of the schools,” Thompson wrote.

“Your contributions are used specifically to offset a portion of the costs of the school concerts and the Town of Olds is recognized as the sponsor of each of the school concerts.”

Community Services Director Doug Wagstaff said it was a new request.

He said the city has already given $1,000 to help sponsor the Kiwanis Music Festival, but the request for help sponsoring the music concert series is new.

Com. Heather Ryan wonders if there is enough money in the city budget to cover the demand.

Wagstaff said there was because at the time of the discussion, the city had spent $3,800 of its $6,000 sponsorship budget.

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