Union becomes new sponsor of Moray Girls Football Club

The MGFC Under-14 team. Image: Moray Women’s Football Club.

The Unison union has become the new sponsor of the Elgin-based Moray Girls Football Club (MGFC).

The Moray branch of the UK’s biggest union, which has more than 1.3 million members across the country, said “a lot of thought” had gone into raising awareness of the importance of unions for young people generation in the region.

The sponsorship came after a suggestion was presented to the branch and was unanimously accepted by the committee.

MGFC’s new shirt with sponsor Unison. Image: Moray in unison.

MGFC was established in 2009 and has a number of teams playing in the Under-10, Under-12, Under-14 and Under-16 age groups in the North of Scotland .

“We were keen to support a Moray-wide charity”

A spokesperson for Unison Moray said “they are delighted” to sponsor MGFC, adding: “As an affiliate, we were keen to support a Moray-wide charity.

“By supporting MGFC, we are reaching young women in Moray who can benefit from the knowledge of the labor movement and share it with friends and family.

“We would like to thank Alison [Leslie] from MGFC and Keiran Carty from Elgin City Football Club for helping this become a reality. We wish good luck to all the girls.

“Just being able to give them all a game strip was amazing for us”

Moray Girls Football Club Secretary Alison Leslie said: “It’s [the sponsorship] really good for us, because we’ve grown over the last three to four years. Before Covid we probably had just under 30 girls and now we are at 70 girls.

“So just being able to give them all a play tape was amazing for us, because it’s a lot of money to buy for such a small charity like ours, but it’s just amazing to have that.”

Asked if being sponsored by a union would compromise the club’s neutrality on political and social issues, Ms Leslie said: ‘We are not tied to anything like that because of them. [players] being younger, but if it works for them, then we’re very happy as a club to help support girls’ rights, women’s rights and everyone’s rights, so that’s good for that.

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[Trade union becomes new sponsor of Moray Girls Football Club]


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