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Wednesday’s Child – The Adoption Process

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – November is National Adoption Month, a time to raise awareness of the need for adoptive families.

Normally on Wednesday evening, we introduce you to a child who needs a forever family. Tonight we look at the adoption process.

“It’s such a big process and I think people can get overwhelmed with where to start,” Corey Donnelly said.

Donnelly is the Adoption Exchange Program Manager for Adopt Kansas Kids, our partner in Wednesday’s Child. Its team of child and family specialists can help you begin the adoption journey. The first step is training.

‚ÄúThere’s a ten-week MAPP course that all foster and adoptive families have to take, so that’s really the initial first step. You’ll sign up for training, you’ll be connected to a sponsoring agency – there are a ton of child placement agencies throughout the state of kansas. We can provide you with all their contact details so that you can choose the right agency for you.

Next comes paperwork and a home study. Then it’s time to start identifying a child.

You meet children every Wednesday on 13 NEWS. You can also see photos and biographies on the Adopt Kansas Kids website. Once you have identified a child, send an email through the website.

“If you inquire, we will provide you with additional information about this child’s level of need and strengths and connect you with the child’s case team to have what we call a matching call for you were talking about your family and for them to share about the child and decide if you could potentially be a good resource.

“So after they’ve been matched with the child, they have what’s called best interest staffing where a team of professionals who know the child will come together and talk about the strengths and needs of the child. child and the strengths and needs of your family. And if you are selected as an adoptive resource, then they will start transitional visits where you meet the child and you have visits with the child and you get to know that child and the child gets to know you before you place them in your house.

A transition period of about six months is the last leg of the journey. The road may seem long, but the journey is worth it.

One more note – once you adopt, you are not alone. Kansas has many post-adoption resources, including the Kansas Post Adoption Resource Center. It offers support for families who need help with resources after the child is in your home.

If you can give a child their own family, call Adopt Kansas Kids at 877-457-5430 or go to adoptkskids.org. They also feature children on the Adopt Kansas Kids Facebook page.


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