WHA Auxiliary Seeking Wheelchair Sponsorships

Standing behind Staxi chairs recently purchased with sponsorships, left to right, Meg Dorris, president of the White Cross Auxiliary; Tish Preston-Stubbs; Patty Rotermund, David Knowles and Tristan Jordan of Best Western; and Sherri Henson of Alton MultiSpecialists. Preston-Stubbs, the Loading Dock, Best Western and AMS are the four sponsors to date.

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ALTON – The White Cross Auxiliary at Alton Memorial Hospital (AMH) is on a mission to replace all older wheelchairs in the hospital with newer Staxi wheelchairs. A mail-in fundraiser this summer led to four sponsors donating $1,200 each for a chair, which will have the sponsor’s name on the back.

The Auxiliary offers until the end of the year the possibility of sponsoring a wheelchair. The cost until the end of the year is $1,200, but the cost will increase in 2023. The Auxiliary is looking to get 10 more by the end of 2022. Chairs can be purchased as sponsorships for a person’s business or organization, or perhaps in memory of a loved one.

If anyone is interested in participating, contact Meg Dorris at 618-530-7006 or Irene McLaughlin at 618-530-8589.

Sixteen of these chairs were purchased by the Auxiliary in 2019. The chairs are much easier to use than a standard wheelchair, with a handle that must be squeezed to move the wheelchairs forward and then released to stop. The arms can be raised and spread to allow patients easier access to the chair from the side, if necessary. The footrests can be moved up and down but are not removable.

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