WIPL sponsors Port Antonio Canoe Tournament

Regional power company West Indies Petroleum Limited (WIPL) has agreed to be among the main sponsors of the 38th edition of the local Port Antonio Canoe Tournament, which is due to start next Tuesday at Portland’s ‘Di Old Marina’.

WIPL will donate $250,000 to purchase trophies and provide 300 gallons of outboard blended gasoline (E-10-87) with necessary additives for 60 canoes. Fuel will be available on Monday, one day before the tournament. WIPL will also present a trophy for the heaviest fish caught.

Fishing in the Port Antonio Local Canoe Tournament will take place between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. The event precedes the 59th edition of the International Marlin Fishing and Canoeing Tournament, which will take place from October 12 to 15 this year.

A combined total of approximately 180 anglers from all over Jamaica will compete in the tournaments.

Commenting on WIPL’s decision to support the tournament, Managing Director Charles Chambers said, “As a regional fuel supplier based in Jamaica, we are ready to play our part in supporting an initiative that will not only bring good cheer to the community and a host of anglers across the country, but we recognize the support is important as many people see the tournament as an opportunity to improve their livelihoods and livelihoods.

Weighing in, WIPL Senior Vice President Danville Walker said: “Indeed, where possible, West Indies Petroleum is happy to support these activities as we appreciate that tournaments such as these are designed to promote sport fishing and above all have the potential to improve tourism. produced to benefit the surrounding communities and the entire tourism business in Jamaica, so we must do what we can to make this year’s event happen.”

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